What is WebEx?

WebEx is an easy way to exchange ideas and information with anyone, anywhere. It combines real-time desktop sharing with phone conferencing, so everyone sees the same thing as you talk. Some people call this web conferencing because of the web + phone sharing. Others call it online meeting because they take care of business online like they do in in-person meetings. No matter what you call it, WebEx is a great way to work with people in other locations.

How does it work?

WebEx is Software as a Service (SaaS), so you simply subscribe to the service—and you can use it from any computer with an Internet connection, and even from most smartphones.

You can schedule a WebEx session ahead or start it instantly in your choice of ways:

  • From your own personal WebEx site
  • From webex.co.in
  • From Microsoft Outlook— as you do other meetings
  • Right from the Microsoft Office document you are working in

You invite others to participate over email, IM, or text. They do not have to subscribe to WebEx. They simply click a link in your invitation to join you online, where they'll get visual prompts to join the phone conference.

Once you've started your session, simply choose "share" from the menu to share documents, presentations, and applications. Or open a blank document and start creating together.

Can someone else present?

Yes. You can pass control to anyone else in the session by simply clicking their name in the attendee list and choosing "Make presenter." They can then show anything on their screen.

Can a meeting attendee pass control of their desktop to me?

Yes. WebEx offers three ways to pass control during a meeting:

  • You may pass the presenter ball to an attendee. The new presenter will share their own computer screen, application, or document.
  • You can let an attendee control your computer screen, application, or document.
  • You can control another attendee's computer screen, application, or document.

You can access this functionality from within your WebEx session.

How does the phone conferencing work?

WebEx integrated phone conferencing makes it easy. A single meeting invitation covers both the web and phone portions of your meeting. Plus, you have audio meeting controls within the web meeting, so you can see who is speaking and mute any attendee.

When you buy WebEx services you choose the type of phone conferencing service you want to include.

  • VoIP or Internet calling lets participants join from their computer, using a computer headset with a microphone and speaker.
  • Conference call-in number provides a single number for participants to call to join the conference. (Requires direct sale from a sales representative.)
  • Call-back capability makes it even easier for participants to join, by having the session call them at the number they specify once they've joined on the web. (Requires an optional toll-free package.)
  • Toll-free calling provides your participants with a toll-free number to call in (and also supports the call-back capability mentioned above)
  • International calling and toll-free service are also available, on a per-minute/per-attendee basis.

WebEx services support mixed conferencing capabilities, so different people can join by computer or phone within the same session.

You may also use WebEx with any third-party phone conferencing solution. However, third-party phone conferencing will require that you schedule the phone and web portions of your meeting separately. And, you won't have the ability to see who is talking or mute attendees from within your WebEx session.

Can I record my WebEx session?

Yes! Record any of your WebEx sessions for reference, review, or reuse. A link to your recording will be made available to you on your WebEx site for your own access. You can send the link out to others if you'd like to share.

How many people can I have in my WebEx session?

If you buy WebEx Meeting Centre online you'll get unlimited meetings with a top capacity of 25 people in any meeting.

WebEx offers plans to support sessions with up to 3000 people.

How do I learn how to use WebEx?

Get a quick view of how easy it is to use WebEx by joining us for a Quick Tour

As a customer, you'll have free access to a full catalogue of training options, including quick "How-do-I…?" videos, as well as self-paced and instructor-led courses that cover everything from the basics, to best practices, to advanced-level skills.

What about technical support?

Get 24 x 7 technical support included with your subscription. Contact Support by email or phone for quick resolution of any issues.

How can I change or cancel an account?

Change or cancel an existing account, or add a new one by calling a Cisco WebEx customer service representative.

Your account will automatically renew at the end of your current term agreement. To cancel an account, you must call at least 30 (thirty) days before the end of the term agreement to avoid being billed for the following month. Your current term is based on the date you originally subscribed.

How is WebEx different from other services like this?

Offered by Cisco, WebEx is the only web conferencing service delivered over a proprietary network, optimised for security, performance, and reliability. That's important as you share rich multimedia content in real time, representing yourself and your business. You want a service that makes you look good.

WebEx is fully scalable, so it can serve your needs whether you're buying for yourself, for everyone in your big multinational corporation—or somewhere in between.

WebEx works for meetings with anyone, anywhere—whether they're inside or outside your firewall. Anyone with an Internet connection can join your WebEx meetings. They don't need to subscribe to WebEx to participate. Only the host (or meeting organiser) needs to have an account.

Can I use WebEx from my mobile phone?

Yes! You can attend a scheduled meeting with integrated phone and web conferencing on 3G or WiFi from your smartphone. View presentations, see who's participating, and much more. Learn more.

What about video conferencing?

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center und Cisco WebEx Training Center offer support for multiple high-quality webcams as part of your subscription—so you can get a face-to-face view in meetings.

Cisco WebEx Event Center also includes video capability, with support for multiple webcams by request.

How do I get started?

If you haven't seen WebEx in action before, you can:

Watch this quick tour

Take a 14-day free trial

If you need more information, read:

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If you want to see how others are using WebEx:

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Contact a solution specialist by E-Mail or Call

How do I view WebEx recordings?

Watch or edit WebEx recordings you've saved to your computer.

Download the WebEx player.